Superglued-to-phone syndrome

What’s the first thing you do when you’re waiting for something or someone all by yourself? Be honest, wouldn’t you reach to your pocket or purse and grab your phone? I know I would…

Many “adults” (a nice way to say old people) criticize younger generations’ addiction to their smartphones, whether in class, corridors, or even bathrooms! Some would go as far as saying smartphones are a detached artificial limb for phone addicts. Continue reading

Can emotions be quantified? … Microsoft says yes!

What’s worse than not being able to sleep at night? Sleeping intermittently, because an inconsiderate neighbor’s tiny yet very loud dog is kept outside, barking all night…. with breaks in between. You’d think it’s over at 1 AM, and fight yourself to go back to sleep…. But, 53 minutes later Mr. tiny dog is feeling lonely again… and, again and again. Yes. I was this close to ringing their doorbell at 2:30 AM, with a grumpy face and a piece of my mind. I just was too tired to leave my bed. Continue reading

Want to be creative?

Creativity has always been a buzzword, in different fields: teaching, marketing, public speaking, business, … It’s gained its popularity because it is what makes you stand out from other attempts. Regardless of your field or profession, creativity can happen. It allows you to add a touch of original magic to something that might be lifeless otherwise.
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